Sunday, July 29, 2012

Caldecott and Newbery Medals 1993

Caldecott Medal, 1993

Mirette On the High Wire was written and illustrated by popular artist Emily Arnold McCully. It is the story of Mirette who learns tightrope walking from Monsieur Bellini, a guest in her mother’s boardinghouse. The illustrations convey the height of Mirette crossing the courtyard and Bellini crossing Niagara Falls. It is the story of a young girl who learns from a master and how she, the student, gave him the courage he lost during one of his tightrope accidents.

Newbery Medal, 1993

Missing May was written by Cynthia Rylant. The illustrated cover conveys so well what happens in this story. May and Ob are an elderly couple who live in a trailer and adopt Summer when she is six years old. After another six years May dies while tending her garden. The cover shows May and Ob and a friend Cletus looking toward the sky. They are looking for a sign from May who has meant so much to both Ob and Summer. Will May somehow send a message to them? This is a sad, lovely book with a happy ending.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Caldecott and Newbery Medals 1988

Caldecott Medal, 1988

Owl Moon was written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by John Schoenherr and for those pictures it was given the Caldecott Medal. This is a quiet story – for as Pa says, “If you go owling you have to be quiet” – about a walk in the woods on a cold, “snowy white night.” The words convey quiet and respect which the watercolor illustrations support beautifully. This is a special book, a classic really, and ought to be in every child’s library. Hint: Read this book in the dark with a flashlight.

Newbery Medal, 1988

Lincoln: A Photobiography was written by Russell Fieldman and is a short (131 pages) story of Abraham Lincoln’s life. Nearly half of the pages in this book are filled with photos and illustrations about Lincoln’s life. This is a very readable history/biography book that tells and shows how Lincoln grew and changed. The photos that show the assassination and the crowds during all the funeral services are especially poignant. This is a fascinating way to introduce history to young readers.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Caldecott and Newbery Medals 1984

Caldecott Medal, 1984

The Glorious Flight: Across the Channel with Louis Blerot was written by Alice and Martin Provensen. This true story happened in 1909 – eighteen years before Lindbergh’s flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Told with vivid illustrations and lots of humor this book tells how Louis Bleriot learned to fly a glider, then an aeroplane across the English channel in just thirty-seven minutes. A sweet story!

Newbery Medal, 1984

Dear Mr. Henshaw is another popular book by Beverly Cleary. This is a book of letters (one letter per page) written by a boy named Leigh whose truck-driver
Dad left his family. Mr. Henshaw and Leigh are both writers (Mr. Henshaw is a published author whose books Leigh has read.) who become friends as they write to one another. Quick read – Leigh is in middle school but even third graders would enjoy this book.

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